Roger & Denise Friesen

Husband and wife of 34 years

Vicki and I have been married for 34 years. We’ve dealt with infidelity, drug abuse, attempted suicide and a host of other issues. After finally putting my addiction to prescription pain killers in the rear view mirror, our relationship started to heal. We asked each other for forgiveness for the sins against one another. From that point on, our relationship was much heathier, happy and successful. We didn’t think our relationship could get any better, but then we went through Heart Care and it has.

During Heart Care I (Steve) used “pain words” and experienced a whole new level of forgiveness. The “heaviness” that I had been carrying around is gone. I had gotten so used to carrying around that heaviness that I didn’t realize it was even there. This is “true” forgiveness. S.O.S. Marriage Care has done a truly amazing job at creating a safe and loving place for God’s Holy Spirit to move, stir and convict.

Wife of 5 Years

When we did our Heart Care, we expected more “marriage counseling” and a “start to finish” sort of experience. What we got instead was something completely different. S.O.S. Marriage Care helped us tear down all the broken-down, rotting crap that was made up our foundation (if you can even call it that) and helped us build something new and strong. You didn’t “finish” anything with us – you restarted us by giving us something solid and healthy to build on for the rest of our lives – a place to start – a launching pad.

Husband of 4 years


Before working with S.O.S. Marriage Care, we were barely hanging on. My wife wasn’t even staying at home. We were both miserable and didn’t know what to do. Neither of us believed in divorce, but we felt like there wasn’t any other choice. Since then, we have had a pretty huge improvement and change. We are both less bitter, more caring for one another and our faith and lifestyle choices have been much improved.

Doing Heart Care was the most beneficial for us. The main take away or part of the process that I think was key to our marriages’ recovery was the fact that the process wasn’t focused on the more superficial symptoms like what our most recent fight was about, but rather it took a holistic approach. Starting at the beginning (of each of our lives) and talking about important things that gave/gives the devil a foothold in our lives. This process also helps us to understand how and why we react to different situations in certain ways.

Let the Heart Care begin.

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