Roger & Denise Friesen - Founders


Roger & Denise, a pastor’s kid and a no-nonsense mom. While there are no letters behind their names, Roger and Denise have a Ph.D in caring for people.

Roger & Denise met and married in 1983. They began ministering and mentoring couples together in 1995 shortly after God miraculously restored their marriage after a 3 year period of turmoil. God restored their marriage and they were given a challenge: glorify God through our marriage and use what He had taught us to give others hope and healing. SOS Marriage Care was formed.

Roger has 25 years experience in electrical wholesale sales and 7 years as a Tupperware distributor. Denise sold Tupperware for 20 years and “retired” in 1997 to be a mom to 4 children.

After a 13 year stint of living in Springfield, Missouri, God sent them to another Springfield – Nebraska! – near their home town of Omaha where both their parents reside.

The Friesen’s enjoy entertaining, cooking together, gardening and taking care of their 22-acre hobby farm, which includes many pets and animals. Roger & Denise have 3 married daughters and 1 married son, and 9 grandchildren.

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Bob & Teresa Bednar


Bob and Teresa have been married since 1990 and have two boys, Collin and Andrew. For fifteen years they did marriage independent of God, but found in 2006 that there was a better way for marriage, one designed by God with Christ at the center. Since that time they have been committed to sharing God’s plan for marriage with others. The Bednars share God’s truth with those that the Lord puts in their life – from marriages in trial to teens navigating life.

Bob and Teresa are leaders at Calvary Omaha and serve in the marriage ministry there as both leaders and mentors of Heart Care. They also serve as leaders in the high school and middle school ministry. Bob oversees the middle school ministry at Calvary. Bob also teaches 4th and 5th graders, is a member of the tithe team, the church building project team and the church service team. Teresa also serves on the church service team and disciples youth through Bible study groups and book studies.

God has used the trials in our marriage for so much more than we could have ever imagined. The Lord restored our marriage and gave us hearts to share God’s plan with other marriages and with youth that God has a plan and design for their future marriage, giving the youth a counter-cultural view on dating, purity and marriage.
— Bob & Teresa Bednar

Bob is owner of InSearch, a recruiting firm for accounting, finance, office administration, manufacturing and engineering professionals. He started his recruiting career at an international recruiting firm, building a firm foundation to start and build his own company in 2000.

Prior to having children, Teresa worked in the marketing, advertising and public relations industry for an advertising and PR firm and for multiple in-house management positions, and then later freelance work. Embracing her desire to stay home, she set aside her professional career to raise her children. She homeschooled the children during their middle school years and now both boys go to Millard North High School.

The Bednars agree that the Lord has made a huge impact on their lives. Without God’s intervention their story would look much different. They are so grateful for God’s grace and mercy in their marriage.

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Clint & Jamie Veren


Clint and Jamie experienced SOS Marriage Care firsthand when Roger and Denise did their premarital coaching in 2011.  The principles Clint and Jamie learned during that time were life-changing, and proved to be the catalyst and foundation for their engagement and marriage.  Roger and Denise gave them the tools to have a great marriage, and they continually go back to those early principles and apply them often in their marriage. 


Clint, an Iowa State alumnus, is a VP, commercial and ag relationship manager at a bank in Omaha.  Jamie, an University of Nebraska alumna, was an accountant for ten years before staying home with their children.  They love spending time together as a family and enjoying the early years of parenthood.  Clint and Jamie are passionate about the ministry and marriage, and want to do all they can to help marriages not only heal and survive, but thrive the way God ordained.

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Tim & Carla Raglin


Tim and Carla recently celebrated 34 years of marriage, for which they give 100%
credit to God’s amazing grace and mercy. They have two wonderful daughters both
married to Nebraska boys, and are proud grandparents of five beautiful children.
They spent the first 25 years of their marriage as a Navy family, settling down here
in Nebraska after completing Tim’s military career as a Naval Officer in 2006. They
now call Nebraska “home” and have fully embraced the good life here in the
Midwest. Tim’s “tent-making” job is with Union Pacific Railroad where he serves as
a Senior Manager in the technology area. Carla is a “professional Grandma” and
enjoys gardening and providing a wonderful home for the family.
They have been involved with SoS Marriage Ministry for 5 years and now lead the
Heart Care team at their local church. They have a passion for God-centered
marriages, restoring family legacies, and mentoring and discipling couples along the
way. They are committed to biblically-based counseling and mentoring with a
emphasis on helping couples learn to be self-feeders of his Word. They were drawn
to SoS Heart Care ministry by that same philosophy, that is – God has the power to
unlock hearts and change lives by simply knowing and then doing His will. They
have witnessed the life-changing healing power of the Heart Care approach first
hand while acting as mentors and leaders for couples engaged in the process.
While there is no such thing as a perfect marriage or one without challenges, Tim
and Carla’s marriage is a living testament to how rich God can make a relationship if
two people are submitted to God first, then each other. They are passionate about
the fight for marriages and family and believe that “by His divine power, God has
given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by
coming to know Him, the one who called us to Himself by means of His marvelous
glory and excellence (2 Peter 1:3).

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Mark & Donna Aman


Marriage is hard. Hardly anyone tells you that before the proposal. The movies make it look pretty easy and if it is not, well then something is wrong and you just shouldn't be married anymore. Both Mark and I experienced the disappointment when our first "happily-ever-afters" didn't go quite like we thought and we have seen the effect on our children.

As Mark and I prepared to marry, each entering our second marriage, we knew we would need help. We found that help in SOS Marriage Care. Our pre-engagement and pre-marital mentoring taught us that yes, marriage is hard, but God allows it to be that way to help us become more like Jesus, to set our selfish desires aside and minister to each other. Our spouse is His gift to us, not our enemy. Through Heart Care, we were able to check our baggage in with the Lord and forgive the pains of yesterday so that we could learn how to share our hurts, minister to each other's hurts and hang onto His hope for our family's tomorrows. Today, so many couples need that hope, the truth that marriage is hard, but hope in knowing that He has a purpose for them as a couple. Early in our marriage, Mark and I felt called to help spread that hope and began ministering to challenged couples in our church. We apply the core principles of Heart Care in all that we do. We have had the privilege and blessing of leading couples through Heart Care and seeing how the Lord works in their relationships and their families. Following His lead, we accepted the call to join the Board of Directors of SOS Marriage Care.

A mission field we often overlook – the struggling families in our neighborhoods and our congregations. That is where SOS Marriage Care intercedes as the missionaries for marriages in our churches and neighborhoods. SOS Marriage Care has directly served hundreds of couples with 4-night intensive Heart Care mentoring and trained hundreds more to be mentors within their own churches. 

We are honored to support His work in the mission field of marriage to SOS Marriage Care.

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Dusty & Jaci White

Meet Our Board

He is a city kid from Nebraska. She grew up on a farm in Montana. They met and committed to the covenant of marriage in Minnesota in 2000. And now they have six fantastic kids!

After they graduated from college in Minnesota they spent some time in the San Francisco Bay Area launching a college ministry before returning to Omaha - Dusty’s home town. Dusty is the Pastor of Marriage and Family at Coram Deo Church Community where he helps lead the church in both proactive and reactive family-focused ways. In addition to the pastoral work he serves as an Omaha Police Department Chaplain and they both count it a privilege to have been in full-time vocational ministry since 2002.

If they aren’t corralling their own kids or investing in their own marriage, you can most likely find them helping other couples or families mature in self-awareness as they direct them to gospel-centered biblical hope. They enjoy unhurried time on the family farm, motorcycle rides, baseball games, and remodeling projects around the house.

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Nathan & Andrea Warnock


Nathan and Andrea Warnock were married in 2005 and struggled for 8 years in their marriage with many issues, big and small. They were introduced to Heart Care in 2013 and completed their 4-night Heart Care mentoring at the beginning of 2014. God changed each of them individually and as a couple largely through the process of Heart Care. They each learned about how each other's hearts ached and how to be part of their spouse's healing, rather than adding to the hurt. They also realized the awesome healing power the Lord can give when we turn to him for healing. More importantly though, they committed their lives to following the Lord and His callings, rather than living the "hobby Christian" lives they had become accustomed to. They have since mentored several couples through the Heart Care process and enjoy serving on the board of SOS Marriage Care. Mentoring and serving on the board challenges the Warnocks to continue to allow the Lord to work on their hearts and to not become lax in doing the hard work of marriage. 

Nathan is in sales for a local corporate cleaning company and is the Marriage and Family Life Director at their church. Andrea stays at home with their 3 young children, home schools, and also works part time from home in Human Resources. They enjoy entertaining in their home, traveling, time with family, falling asleep on the couch 12 minutes after they put their kids to bed, and date nights.

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