Heart Care is a ministry that offers spiritual healing for couples wanting help in their marriage.

Couples meet with a trained coach couple for a short, intense period of time – often twelve hours over three or four consecutive days. This intense time is a powerful period of repentance and reconnection. Couples pay only for materials. This time can be a dramatic turn-around for a marriage.

Why is Heart Care needed?

  • Communication in marriage breaks down
  • Unresolved pain issues multiply, walls are built against one another
  • Emotional, spiritual & physical intimacy shuts down and/or becomes non-existent

How does Heart Care help?

  • Resolves emotional, spiritual & abuse issues by using word of God and prayer
  • Helps identify and resolve the root issues of sin in your life
  • Restores intimacy in marriage
  • Helps you learn to care about and minister to each other at a heart level

“God loves to pour out his grace where people are honest and truthful. The Heart Care Process provides a safe context for couples (or an individual) to pursue radical honesty with God and one another.”
— Robert H. Thune, Pastor | Coram Deo Church

Let the Heart Care begin.

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