What is Heart Care?

Heart Care

Heart Care is a phrase coined by SOS Marriage Care that includes a process of one couple helping another couple through the process of restoration thru emotional issues, abuse issues and spiritual issues using the word of God and prayer.

Heart Care Process

Heart Care is designed to CARE about people, help them see where issues in their life and marriage have blocked emotional, spiritual and physical connection with their spouse and more important their relationship with God, their creator. Heart Care is designed to help resolve issues using word of God and prayer. By applying the gospel to our lives we can find restoration in relationships as God designed.

Heart Care Leader(s)

A person or couple that cares about another person’s or couple’s life and marriages issues. This leader chooses to bear another’s burdens in an effort to help this person or couple understand how the gospel applies to each area of life providing restorations in as many areas possible.

Heart Care Mentor(s)

This a person or couple that cares about another person or another couple’s life and marriage issues. This couple is usually an older/wiser in their spiritually journey than the Heart Care couple, but not necessarily older in age. This couple agrees to sit in on The Heart Care Process and informally mentor the Heart Care individual or couple for a one-year commitment. During this one-year time-frame, the Mentor is asked to meet with the Heart Care individual or couple at least once a month to cover the follow-up questions at the end of each chapter in the Heart Care Workbook.

“God loves to pour out his grace where people are honest and truthful. The Heart Care Process provides a safe context for couples (or an individual) to pursue radical honesty with God and one another.”
Robert H. Thune, Pastor at Coram Deo Church, SOS Marriage Care Board Member and contributing writer to the Heart Care Workbook.

Special thanks to Robert H. Thune for co-authoring Heart Care, Version 2. The publication features over 200 pages of thoughtful writing, testimonies and prayers to help an individual or couple resolve emotional, spiritual and abuse issues in lives and marriages of those who take the time to open up their hearts and allow Jesus to unclog all the blocked arteries. This can be processed through on your own, with your spouse and or with a mentor couple.