Heart Care / Crisis Ministry

Most couples are aware that something is wrong in their marriage, but do not know how to identify the problem, its cause or solution. Where is your marriage today?

  • Is your marriage on the brink of disaster?
  • Are you considering divorce?
  • Do you feel a huge disconnect with your spouse?
  • Are you just two ships passing in the night with no heart connection?

Why Heart Care?

  • Communication in marriage breaks down over time
  • Unresolved emotional pain, spiritual issues and abuse issues multiply
  • Emotional & sexual intimacy shuts down in marriages
  • The emotional heart locks up & cannot receive or give love


  • Get to the root causes of communication breakdown
  • Resolve pain
  • Restore intimacy in marriage
  • Learn to “care” about each other emotionally, spiritually & physically at the heart level


  • Desire to seek reconciliation
  • Complete groundwork decks, a personal history packet
  • Complete online assessment ($24 per couple,via Paypal)
  • Purchase 2 workbooks ($35 each) & complete selected pages
  • Schedule 4-day intensive (within a one week time frame); 2-3 hours for each session
  • Meet with Mentor Couple for one year after 4-day intensive

Let’s Get Started

The best way to get started is to visit our contact page and schedule an appointment. We care about your marriage and look forward to hearing your story.